The sham of ‘Beti Padhao Beti Bachao’ scheme

‘Beti Padhao Beti Bachao’ is one of the most significant scheme of the current government headed by Mr. Modi and he often, in his speeches, praises himself for this scheme and shows it as a proof of women empowerment under his government.

But this scheme is now under the scanner. Of the 644 crore marked for this scheme launched in 2015 by Mr.Modi himself, more than half ( approximately 56%) of the fund was actually used for advertisement with huge posters of Mr. Modi claiming success of the scheme.

Only about one-fourth of the total fund was given to state and union territory government for implementation of the scheme. The rest not yet released.

The scheme targeted 161 districts of the country to improve the male to female sex ratio in the district and change the public mindset regarding the girl child.

What this means is that less than 1 crore was given to each of the targeted district over the four year period since 2015. Not only that, in more than 50 of the targeted district, the sex ration actually declined.

All this goes on to prove the utter failure of the scheme and shows the hollow claims of the Modi government.

The biggest question is about the huge amount of fund spent on advertisement. Modi government, since coming to power in 2014, has spent more that 5000 crore on advertisement, double of what the previous government did in 10 years.

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