Priyanka’s entry is a good news for BJP and Modi

Priyanka Gandhi was announced as the general secretary for UP east with much fan fare yesterday. All the big leaders of Congress, as well as those from it’s allies hailed it as a big move. Something that was due for a long time and will help them defeat the BJP.

But it is exactly opposite that. It is one of the few good news that BJP has had recently. Just recently they were defeated in three key hindi heartland states and are being cornered on the issue of Rafale deal and farm distress.

With the narrative going the way of Congress and Rahul Gandhi, Modi had his attack mode on. And was attacking the party for the failure of UPA-II to check political corruption and the ‘family’.

By announcing Priyanka Gandhi as the general secretary, Rahul Gandhi has played right into his hands.

Not only is Priyanka Gandhi a part of the family, she is also the wife of tainted Robert Vadra, who has been named in a number of shady land deals.

As such the opportunistic Modi is going to grab this opportunity with both hands and will double down on his attack on the family and play out the narrative of curruption regime coming back to power if Congress wins.

Moreover, with some people voting for Congress due to their loyalty to the Gandhis, it is going to split the anti-BJP vote and help BJP in garnering votes.

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