VidyaBalan: Women are naughtier after 40. They just don’t care anymore

Vidya Balan, who turned 40 this year, says that the reason they say women get better with age is that they care less and less, it’s more about you.

From portraying an ambitious housewife in Tumhare Sulu to playing a bold Silk Smitha in The Dirty Picture, Vidya Balan has shown us different shades of women in many of her films. The actress has garnered appreciation in the industry for her female-oriented films and not just from the critics, but from the audience as well.

The actress, who turned 40 this year, talked about how aging actually makes a woman more confident and happy. Talking to a magazine, the actress said, “Yeah, naughtier and hotter too after 40. Generally, we’re taught to be a little coy and not enjoy sex. But the reason they say women get better with age is because you care less and less, it’s more about you. It’s joyous. When you don’t care, you have the most amount of fun.”

She went on to add, “A friend, who has encounters of convenience happened to tell me that the best fun is with women post 35. He explained that since he doesn’t want a relationship, so he can have a scene with women, who don’t want relationships either. He said after 35 women just don’t care. (Laughs) I say after 40 they don’t care even more.

On the work front, it is reported that Vidya will star in the biopic of famous mathematician Shakuntala. It is also reported that Sanya Malhotra will play the role of her daughter in the film.
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